• Start: Renaissance, Retriem, Colosseum.2004-2010гг.

    The origins of Evgeniy's career as a vocalist lie in the Renaissance group, where in 2004 a friend brought him. Together they performed for about two years - until, in 2006, Evgeniy began to collaborate with the Retriem group.

    It was not easy to combine projects, and he left the Renaissance, devoting the next year to Retriem - together they recorded a demo disc.

    However, already in 2007, the Colosseum group became a new milestone. This was already an application for professional activity: the result of joint creativity was the album "How many roads" and two singles: "Together we will win" and "Your name".

  • Music and Drama Theater under the direction of Stas Namin2009-гг.

    In 2009, Evgeniy, at the invitation of Ekaterina Belobrova, entered the Theater of Music and Drama under the direction of Stas Namin. Without a specialized acting education, he found himself on the stage: he was immediately entrusted with the role of Judas in the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar". Others came for her: D'Artagnan in the musical Three Musketeers, Claude in the rock musical Hair, Dorian in The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Troubadour in The Bremen Town Musicians.

  • Epidemic2010-гг.

    During the years of his participation in the Colosseum, Evgeniy played the role of the golden dragon Giltias, first in the recording, and then in the production of the sequel to the cult metal opera "Elven Manuscript" - "Elven Manuscript: A Legend for All Seasons."

    Recording in "Tale", staging, and then guest participation in the tour was the first stage of close cooperation with the Epidemia group, which a few years later grew into a permanent one - in 2010 Evgeniy became the new frontman of the group. He joined the team well, with his direct participation the epidemic continues to develop, which is confirmed by the largest concert tours in the history of the collective in Russia and abroad.

    Over the years, Epidemic has released a number of releases:

    - 2011 - the album of ballads "Horseman from Ice",

    - 2012 - video recording of the acoustic concert "In the triads of ballads",

    - 2014 - metal opera Enya's Treasure,

    - 2015 - concert audio recording "The icy wind is blowing",

    - 2016 - the single "Come up with a bright world",

    - 2018 - metal opera "The Legend of Xentaron",

    - 2019 - the single "Beyond the Rules",

    - 2021 - concert recording of the metal opera "Elven Manuscript Forever",

    - 2021 - the single "Paladin",

    - 2021 - the album "Ghosts and shadows".

  • FORCES UNITED2014-гг.

    In 2014, Evgeniy joined Kirill Nemolyaev's international project FORCES UNITED, within the framework of which his solo album EGOROV was released in 2017. The second solo album "To Love the Dragon" was released in 2019.

  • Musical "The Last Test"2014-гг.

    In 2014, Evgeniy joined the cast of the first production of the fantasy musical The Last Test, playing the role of the black magician Raistlin both in the play by Polina the Lesser by Lege Artis and in the tour version under the direction of Ruslan Gerasimenko.

    And in September 2018, Evgeniy again appeared on stage in the guise of a sorcerer - already in the version “The Last Test. Reboot "Ruslan Gerasimenko.

    He can rightfully be called the honored Raistlin - Evgeniy is the only one of all the performers of the role of a black magician who took part in all three stage incarnations of the musical.

  • At the origins of new theater projects.2018-гг.

    Currently, active work is underway on several ambitious and large-scale projects:

    - the rock opera “Icarus” by Anton Kruglov and Natalia Makuni, in which Evgeniy plays the role of the enthusiastic scientist Icarus;

    - the rock opera "Orpheus" by Olga Vayner, where Evgeniy plays the characteristic role of Hermes;

    - Sergei Skripnikov's rock-opera “Hyperborea - Symphony of the North Wind ”(Yaroslav).

    Successful presentation concerts of "Icarus" and "Orpheus" have already taken place. A clip based on one of the songs of "Hyperborea" was shot.

  • Cover project2020-гг.

    In August 2020, Evgeniy launched a cover project, the main goal of which is to popularize rock. Show how rock processing can enhance and transform familiar popular music.

    The project was launched on the Youtube channel ( and realized with the support of the audience - fans of rock music.